The Domaine's Riesling wines have a fine and delicate fruitiness, they are racy, nervy, dry but at the same time they are mature and long on the palate. Riesling is such a prestigious grape variety that it is considered as the king of Alsace wines. It holds a special place in our vineyards and in our hearts. The Schlossberg soil magnifies its expression, the different plots give birth to different cuvées. They harmonize marvellously with fish (cooked or raw), shellfish and seafood, and choucroute (a typical Alsacian dish made of cabbage and sausage). Of course, they go well with coq au vin as with some white meat dishes, not forgetting goat cheese.

Riesling Cuvée Théo Origins: Clos des Capucins. The Riesling Cuvée Théo is lively, it has body and finesse. It is lovely served with all kind of fish dishes.
Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg

Origins: the high part of the "grand cru" Schlossberg's hill. In a tense and very pure style, the Riesling Schlossberg tastes perfect with fish on the grill, oysters and other kinds of seafood, as well as with the traditional alsacian choucroute.

Riesling Cuvée Sainte Catherine

Origins: the low part of Schlossberg "grand cru". The Riesling Cuvée Sainte Catherine are picked later and have more richness and more flesh. They go particularly well with fish "en sauce", fleshier fish such as salmon, and to stay in alsacian tradition with coq au vin.

Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg Cuvée Sainte Catherine


Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg Cuvée Sainte Catherine " L'Inédit ! "

Origins: our oldest Riesling plots, situated half way on the Schlossberg slope. The Riesling Schlossberg Cuvée Sainte Catherine is the richest of our dry Rieslings. It has complex aromas of great maturity; it is well consituted, fleshy and in the same time, it has managed to keep the indescribable elegance of a Riesling. This cuvée is superb with fish en sauce, lobster and some poultry dishes.

"L'Inédit" ("the original one") is from the most beautiful plots. It is only produced when Riesling reaches an exceptional maturity. This choice cuvée is suave, delicate, and wonderful on its own, or with a lobster, or even with scallops.

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